DPRK: The Land Of Whispers (North Korea Travel Documentary) (2013)

North Korea lies somewhere between a 1930′s Soviet Union frozen in time and a dark, futuristic vision of society… as imagined back in the 70′s.

“Land of Whispers” invites you to visit arguably the most unique and isolated travel destination in the world – not to criticize, but to observe and listen. Aside from usual highlights such as Pyongyang or Arirang, this unique one-man documentary brings you to areas such as Chongjin or Wonson, still virtually unknown to even google or wikipedia. There, I attempt to pierce through the ever-present ‘national mythology’ and as much as possible, I try to connect with people – such as the waitress mesmerized by tablet computers, or a tour guide cautiously fascinated by modern pop culture.

* Third World Indie Film Festival 2013 (San Francisco, USA) / Best Feature Documentary *
* Utopia Film Festival 2013 (Greenbelt, USA) / Official Selection *
* Global Peace Film Festival 2013 (Orlando, FL, USA) / Official Selection *
* Jayu: The North Korean Human Rights Film Festival 2013 (Canada) / Official Selection *

KHAU VAI LOVE MARKET – A feature film about Ethnic Minority love in the remote, Vietnamese mountains.

If you liked “Land of Whispers” – do make sure to check out and support my exciting new feature documentary project! I am in post production right now and badly need your help to get the film finished! Visit the project page here: http://igg.me/at/lovemarket . Please share with others and please donate! Any amount helps!

*** Some individuals directly connected with the North Korean government have been working to have this film removed from YT and other web sites – first via ambiguous, threatening emails, later through baseless demands and now by flagging the film online for arbitrary, unfounded reasons. I want to assure everyone that I have completed this film with great ethical concern, full transparency and as much as possible in communication with parties who may have been affected by the film. I was not undercover, I was truthful about everything I did every step of the way. YT: I have all proper documentation. I’m doing all my best to keep the film up. If they succeed in shutting it down, i will do my best to re-upload along with a list of alternative web sites where you can see it. ***


Friends, please support this project by donating!
PayPal Donate: http://goo.gl/6bnA1

The film is non-commercial, was made with private money and is available for viewing for free. Due to abusive YouTube policies, I also make absolutely no profit from the ads displayed on the film by Google against my will. All funds raised will be used for festival/contest fees as well as for upcoming projects, such as my new feature doc about the Khau Vai Love Market in remote, mountainous Vietnam. Any amount helps. If you like the film, if you want to see more – please, please make sure to donate!


Listen to the soundtrack here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YK5xUquvNhk&list=PLYTeFCgrrNt1CXL3iG6pkIBn0xdOoIM9M&index=1

All songs are listed in the film’s end credits! Check before you ask!


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I recently produced a North Korea travel documentary! (DPRK: The Land of Whispers) from IAmA

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  1. On second thought. . . NK is just like our colleges in the U.S. Heavy on indoctrination. The U.S. so-called academics repeat certain phrases to stu-dents and tell the same old stories over and over and over again knowing they will believe what they hear. They graduate and cannot fit into society and then they have to find someone to blame. Unlike NK, they don't learn anything. I've seen more talent in the North Korean children then I've ever seen in the U.S.

  2. It's kind of like a movie set, with background players and the key players (guides and security) controlling the narrative. Everything is staged with no goal but to (try to) fool visitors. These poor people have been brainwashed from birth. In order for change to happen it would have to be very gently because otherwise there would be mass hysteria, mostly confusion, and death. OR. . . OR this could be a quick transition because the locals would rise up and claim their rights. Naw.

    However if enough videos like this go out to the real world, this could force change. Naw.

    I really don't know what would work. These people need to become one with South Korea and bring respect and independence back to this tiny dark country. God willing.

  3. This guy is such a supreme douche. Can't he understand the guy is blocking him from filming and taking pictures because his entire family could literally be executed at any moment?

    Fucking tool.

  4. I liked this video up until he played that piece of shit song from John Lennon, where he imagines a communist world. Imagine no borders, no nations, no religion.. Proves anyone can be a stupid jackass. Like John Lennon. I can imagine all the people living in a world without a pontificating limo liberal starry-eyed commie/socialist/whatever the fuck Lennon was, wishing us into this idealized idea. He should see Venezuela today to see how well it works for people.

  5. they dress the little boys up like little girls and make them ware make up..yes the children are very  smart but at what cost they are literally forced to be that why they are not aloud to be children and just have a little fun sometimes they completely have those people scared to death because they know if they say the wrong thing they n their family will be killed anyone who try's to justify  this shit is a fucking fool north Koreas government must be stopped communism does not work the difference between north Korea n south shows you that much the south is much much better off in everyway besides that north Koreas goes past communism its modern day slavery in the most brutal way

  6. I just hope the tour guides are ok and not in jail or executed thanks to your arrogant stupidity. North Koreans are not allowed to watch foreign media of any kind. That can get them executed. A lot of these foreign journalist including this douchebag always go to NK to "poke a hornets nest" instead of just respecting the rules of the host country.

DPRK: The Land Of Whispers (North Korea Travel Documentary) (2013)

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