Cambodia (Asia) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Cambodia.
The kingdom of Cambodia is one of three nations within Indochina. A fertile country with a friendly population that appears to have forgotten its recent dramatic history that comprised French colonial times, Vietnamese occupation and the cruel rule of the Khmer Rouge.The former palaces of the gods have now been transformed into tourist attractions and regal splendour and shining pagodas indicate that a new era has begun. Phnom Penh is the reawakened capital of Cambodia and former Land of the Khmer. It is a wonderful city with all the charm of a bygone age. During the second half of the nineteenth century Phnom Penh became a French colonial town with wide streets, shops, government buildings, hotels and villas all in colonial style. Within its park-like surroundings the Temple Of The Blooming Lotus Blossom features perfect harmony with nature. The Temples of Angkor are the remains of various religious buildings that were built by more then ten kings of the Khmer realm between the seventh and sixteenth centuries A.D. The Ta Prohm Monastery was built in 1186 in honour of the king’s mother and was the centre of the health care for the entire country. Twenty kilometres north east of Angkor Thom are the remains of the ancient sanctuary of Bantey Srei, also known as, The Women’s Citadel. To many visitors to Cambodia this unique and atmospheric temple site is the most impressive of all the country’s historic monuments. Cambodia is a country that is slowly awakening with a population that is willing to forget its past and look optimistically into a bright new future. After thirty years of strife and deprivation this south Asian jungle realm is today a fine tourist destination that is friendly, natural and unspoiled.


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  1. I went to visited Cambodia in last May 2014 for my first time. It was so hot there, I had been so sweaty and I drink too much water. I get to see Angkor Wat temple, it was so huge. I saw elephants and cows but I didn't see monkeys there. I went to a beach. We slept different hotels. I like Pyramid hotel, it has 5 level floors, I had a burger at Pyramid hotel, I Look Out At The Building On The Fifth Floor With No Windows OR Walls Up, Just Outer Place. I had eat at some restaurants. After I Came Back From Cambodia, I Showed Pictures To My Teachers, They Said, "Those are beautiful pictures in Cambodia, thanks for sharing and showing to us." They said, "Welcome back all the way from Cambodia and you had a lot of fun."

  2. I love Cambodia, I love my country. Phnom phen is beautiful. Ankor wat is absolutely beautiful too.I enjoy this video learn seeing my root as the Khmer culture. 💝💝💝😊

  3. This is a country that is very, very rich in historical monuments and events and I implore the Cambodians that although it is vital to look towards the Future, it is also imperative that they should never, ever relinquished the Past….Also please keep their culture intact and chart their OWN course and do not succumb to outside influences….Peace and Love to the Beautiful people of Cambodia from Jamaica.

  4. Cambodia is a beautiful country with many attractive tourism sites across the country especially Angkor historical park with many temples and natural tourism sites at the southern part with virgin beaches.

Cambodia (Asia) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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