Would you use time travel to kill baby Hitler?

Well? Would you? Vox’s Phil Edwards asked author James Gleick about the history of this unusual philosophical question.

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  1. If Hitler was killed world relations would've most likely crippled, there would of most likely never been NATO UN or EU, the Soviet Union would be the worlds leading superpower most likely claiming many parts of Europe and destroying countries in its path. In reality hitler is the best thing that could've happened to us at the time period, he was stupid and reckless which lead to a fairly quick downfall. He lead his own allies in Italy to cause a rebellion ensuring the take down of Mucilini. If I could go back in time I would try to prevent things including the holocaust and the genocide of the Jewish instead of killing Hitler himself.

  2. you'd create a paradox by killing him, also think about all those stories you here about people meeting during the war and getting married, a lot of people wouldn't have been born if you killed Hitler, Time travel is just a bad idea in general, no one should have the power to change things, we're too stupid for that

  3. If we killed him before WWII, his war that he made got us to this level. The creation of jet engines, rockets and Wernher von Braun being a rocket scientist brought us to this tech and without him, we would have the same things in the 1920s.

  4. without hitler somebody else would take his place. he didn't just create people's feelings from nothing. just like we would be in the same place right now if somebody had killed baby trump

  5. Well butterfly effect would mean everyone who was born after and around world war 2 would simply not be born. Therefore the person who killed Hitler also killed themselves and all their loved ones.

  6. This is very paradoxical anyway. If I go back in time to kill hitler – nothing prevents someone even further to go back and kill me before I kill hitler, and even then someone at some part to interwind the loop and go back to kill the guy that is going to kill me before I kill hitler. And so on.

  7. No because, Hitler like many other personae are exactly what mankind needs to grow. Without Hitler, many people would have still lived but mankind as a whole would be one experience shorter. It's pain and suffering that teaches us. Not Hope and Love. Same goes for Zedong and Stalin. These things just need to happen and they'll strengthen us in the long run. We can't become the humans we want to be without these pains.

Would you use time travel to kill baby Hitler?

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