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  1. So, from this scene I can gather that New York's last night time was in the 1950s (ish)?

    Also, points to actually showing the formation of the moon as a result of cataclysmic impact. That is often overlooked.

  2. You know, for a 2007 straight to dvd movie the effects aren't that bad!

    I know it was made in 2014 and got a theatrical release. Anyone else hate having to explain a joke cause some are dumb enough to think you're serious?

  3. The dinosaur in this scene TRULY terrified me.
    Why couldn't they have had a scene like THIS in Jurassic world? A true WILD, BRUTAL dinosaur?
    It notices you notice it.
    It turns slowly and then CHASES you for a few seconds as the scene thunders around you as you frantically grab at anything and anyone to get away …
    Yeah — pure teroror.

  4. we used 100℅ of our brain but we didn't develop 100℅ of our brains
    for example : drawing
    some people can draw some people don't
    why : because some people have more developed ability in this brain section
    when you say someone is gifted in drawing it's because his born with the artistic part more developed

    the theory is that we didn't develop 100℅ of our brains we only use it
    we walk talk eat run sleep work but the brain can do even more : dance sing draw or even more

    Lucy develop 100℅ of her ability
    we developed 10℅ of our ability

    you understand
    sorry I don't speak English

  5. so your saying she sayed in that chair while all time went by backwards and no one relative thought, hmm why is there a woman sitting in a chair frozen in time for that last 100 years

LUCY [Time Travel Scene]

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