Dublin city guide – Lonely Planet travel video

Dublin is a city that wears its history – and its heart – on its sleeve. Lonely Planet kicks down the cobblestones to discover its highlights. Visit http://www.lonelyplanet.com/ireland/dublin for more information about Dublin.


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  1. 都柏林城市指南 – 孤獨星球旅遊視頻
    都柏林是身穿歷史上的一個城市 – 和它的心臟 – 它的袖子。孤獨星球踢倒在鵝卵石發現它的亮點

  2. I think you could've made a better video with more inviting things to enjoy here in Dublin.
    Also, the social divide ("working class to the north (of the River Liffey), the wealthy to the south") is inaccurate. There are plenty of affluent areas on the northside, and some less so on the south side too.

    To anyone visiting Dublin, I say this, explore the place for yourself. But avoid drinking in Temple Bar – a personal opinion.

  3. I've spent a lot of time in the west of Ireland as I have family there, but I've STILL never been to Dublin… hoping to remedy that this year! My granny was from county Dublin and I inherited her red hair & Irish dancing skills so I'd love to see her part of the world 🙂 The Wicklow hills look beautiful – I do love the ruggedness of the Irish countryside. 

  4. Then Welcome 😉 I bet you'll definitely change your mind regarding Ireland and Dublin particularly…
    But when saying this I have nothing against Eastern European counties though.

  5. I've never been in Ireland but… just interesting, have you ever been in any of the Eastern European countries, just for instance?? 'Cause the comments like yours begin make me smike, really=)

  6. well, it might be because you're actually living in the country that you take all its pleasantness for granted. for tourist, everything is seen with a fresh pair of eyes, so they can also appreciate everything in dublin that's different from their own country/city.

    i come from amsterdam and i too wonder why so many tourists visit this place, but lately, i've started to look at amsterdam as if i'm a tourist myself and learned to appreciate it more. you could try the same perhaps 🙂

  7. Hey samsungs1234567890 I am blk american' and I would love to come to Ireland. y'all have a great history there man. and I am from The Bronx by the way NYC. don't talk down to your country!

Dublin city guide – Lonely Planet travel video

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