Time Travel, LEAKING THE TRUTH, Interview With A Time Traveler..

The information comes from the memories of those who were interviewed. Because these projects are so secretive, gaining hard evidence is nearly impossible. However, that doesn’t mean the projects never happened.

This information is for those who want to pursue and know the truth. Sometimes, finding the truth becomes elusive. There are many out there who do not want you to know the truth about these projects. Use your own judgment as you hear the words of these survivors.

As you follow this story, use this information as the beginning resource to hopefully, get you on the right track.



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  1. He should have made up a story about going to the past as you cannot travel to a time or dimension that has not already happened. The future cannot exist yet, so many variables none are set in stone it's up to us to make the future good for generations to come. Only when we end War Religion Government & money can we gain our humanity back.

  2. I'm a truth seeker, and I believe that the truth is given for truth's sake. Also, if I'm being honest, I'm on a bit of a clock. So my way of sifting the wheat from the chaff where Conspiracy Theories are concerned is very simple: the second I hear words like 'CD', 'book', 'order', 'acquire', 'purchase' and/or 'subscribe', the credibility, in my mind, of the presenter in question goes from n to 0 (where 'n' is any real number).

  3. sad how people got time to upload bullshit and some really think this is true.. the internet has brought out the crazy out of a lot people.. lol there should be a internet fake video uploading team to take down all of these bullshit videos and stop wasting people bandwidth and time to watch your uploaded crap!!

  4. I would sell to highest bidder lottery numbers, super bowl and World Series winners. Ah well, here is a free one as I admit I am from future….the 2021 World Series champ is Pittsburgh Pirates and super bowl winner is the Berlin Bratwursts in a close win over the Mexico City Maroons, game played in Havana, Cuba. By the way, your current President Trump declares himself a Dictator and attempts coup, but is badly defeated and jailed….Alec Baldwin voted to victory after disastrous republican regime in which they try to pass a lawmaking circumcision mandatory. Controversy also reigns over Nobel Prize winner. It is protested by Dr. Ben Carson who insists he wins for perfecting the 1st successful hemorrhoid transplant.

Time Travel, LEAKING THE TRUTH, Interview With A Time Traveler..

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