Inside Air Force One: Secrets to Presidential Travel

An exclusive look inside this flying fortress, from its emergency room to the presidential office.


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  1. Loool, that's a B747-200! That plane is running on ancient hardware xD
    All major airlines have phased out the old clocks for the LCD models. Like, years ago.

    Of course, it's reliable and it works. Many aircraft systems still run on hardware designs from the 80s because it's safe.

  2. Obama abused the deplorable by hauling the Clintons on the the C'ampaign trail. I hate these demon possessed. haters of God, their goal destroy the UßA. God. bless America.


  3. It should be noted that the host for this visit was the PAG commander and chief presidential pilot USAF Col. David Banholzer. He tragically passed away in late 2016 after a courageous battle with cancer. Met him just a few times but I knew many of the pilots and navs in PAG that knew him best. Great guy, dedicated officer and tremendous pilot. He left behind a beautiful family. Clear skies and fair winds!

  4. What is so strange about this is that it has no glass cockpit and still has the old analog instruments. This was first used by GHW Bush (1988-1992). The 747-400 came out in 1988 so what model is this, a 300? Glass cockpits came out on US airlines in the early 80's, first with the MD-80 and then with the 757/767 series which had roughly the same cockpits. Does anyone know why Air Force One was not a 400 series when they were already 2 years old? Was it because they started building this plane prior to its introduction? Thanks,

  5. The cockpit instrumentation is about as old school as you can get anymore. I wonder how challenging it is to still find parts for that plane. There aren't a whole lot of 747-200s still flying anymore; and most other operators are retiring their much more modern 747-400s.

Inside Air Force One: Secrets to Presidential Travel

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