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How to read kanji? Which ATMS accept foreign cards? How to use a change room? and more Japan travel tips~ Hope these help you guys!
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  1. When it comes to using your phone in Japan, you'd need to get another SIM card or something to use data, anyone have any tips or where you could get Japanese data or SIM cards to use them when on a trip there??

  2. question: i will be going with two friends to japan for about 14 days. we plan to go from tokyo to yokohama to mt fuji to nagoya to kyoto to osaka to nara and back to tokyo. would travel method would you recommend for us?

  3. Hi Sharla. With regards to cash/card, people can get a "cash passport" from travelex. It is a mastercard which you can load 10 different currencies on including JPY.

    Would you still recommend using mostly cash?

  4. What is the name of the train app she's using? And can i get it in english 😀 i really need help because im visiting alone and i'm scared i will get lost

  5. +Sharla in Japan Hey! I just came across your channel yesterday and I like how you guys went into all these little details that other people don't go into. I've always wanted to visit Japan since I was a kid and I'll keep these tips in mind if I ever go there! Thank you! 😀

  6. I got mini swindled during my two week stay in Japan.

    Very friendly dude from Ghana comes up to my friend and I. He just chats us up and says he can get us into a great club. $100 club entrance fee. Must have taken one dozen or so turns and we somehow ended up within 50ft of where he picked us off. What a savage. Immediately, in the lobby we were asked to pay up. Took us a bit to realize that the women in the establishment were sort of like promoters to another not so pg13 club and pressuring was us to get an escort service was second nature to them. We were also told if that if we denied their offer, we had to pay up $900 to basically get up and leave. I'm a very non confrontational person and mostly introverted so I was really uncomfortable with the whole situation. But seeing as how I did pay them $100 I finished half the bottle of sake and finally got the guts to call them on their bullshit! The girls then said,"ok, you can leave." Shoutout to the 400lbs doorman and two other goons. I really couldn't take them on myself so I'm just grateful I made it out lmao watch out for the guy from Ghana! He lurked and spotted us outside the Tokyo Robot Restaurant!

  7. I heard that Tokyo train card has passmo and suica, does both cards work on all the train lines? and does both card work on vending machines? because I heard you can use them on vending machines

  8. Hi Sharla! Great video! 🙂
    I am traveling to Japan for the first time this April, yay! In some of your previous videos you have went to fun pop up style cafes, is there a certain website that says what cafes are opening certain months? Thanks in advance!

  9. Thank you for these! I'm off to Tokyo in September and knew NOTHING about the place until I started watching yours & some some youtubers videos the past couple of weeks. I feel so full of knowledge now haha xx

  10. I'm planning to stay in Japan for 6 months for a language program and I have a question about money. What is the best/safest way to carry money? The main reason is because I do not want to carry thousands of dollars with me in cash. Any recommendation of cards? I heard about travellers cheques but I also heard about people having problems with them (less problems, less stress). I also live in Canada if that helps. Also for the transit passes, PASMO or SUICA? I will be staying in Tokyo.


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