Extreme cold travel; Travelling with the reindeer people in below 50 minus in Siberia

This is a work copy, to become a pilot. I spent a few days with some great reindeer herders from the Even tribe, traveling through the taiga in the coldest inhabited place on earth – Oymyakon, Siberia, Yakutia (Sakha). The Even were represented by the 2 brothers Kesha and Misha. And my travel partners were the major promoter of all Yakut matters, Jegor Makarov, his friend Timofei, Bolot Bochkarev and the film photographer Yuri Berezhnov.

Producer and director is Jegor Makarov.
Photographer and editor Yuri Berezhnov.
Translator Bolot Bochkarev


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  1. Great video. I read your blog with great interest, particularly concerning your choice of clothes. So the baffin boots didn't work for you, wouldn't mukluks have been a better choice?

  2. lol what is Siberia and where came the Russ tribes? those who living in those cold places aren't Russians only they forgot they native languages forced to learn Russian in the Soviet Union.

  3. this is an excellent video for all good reasons-including being a good example of biocultural evolution. as an organism living in a much warmer environment fortunately, i am curious about their toilet facilities among other things mundane enough to be taken for granted here. this does make these wonderful people even more admirable.

  4. I've lived through negative 50 Celsius, in my younger years. How are you breaking through the ice if you are truly in negative 50 degree conditions? Is it salt water? Just wondering.

  5. I know this is a weird question, but I live in a very warm country where it hardly ever snows. This is the question: how do people take a bath during winter in these extremely cold countries? I get most Europeans and Americans can control the temperature of their houses, but how about those who live like the people on this video? How did people take baths 100 years ago?

Extreme cold travel; Travelling with the reindeer people in below 50 minus in Siberia

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