Travel Korea Like A Local: Incheon Travel

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  1. I enjoyed your video, but it would have been better if you did not take the scene at 1:04 talking in the subway especially when there are other people… Usually people are quiet when using public transportation in Korea. It could have been very embarrassing if you were really a local Korean 🙂

  2. I lived in Incheon from Dec. 2009-Feb. 2013,,,,a very nice and quite community. My neighbors were very nice and respectful. I still have my small and comfy apartment there. My landlady would always bring me fresh tomatoes!!! (lol)….And KakoTalk is definitely the thing there……thanks for the video,,you brought back memories, I can’t wait to return!

  3. How can I go to Chinatown and Muuido Island from Dongincheon ? Do you think where is the MUST GO of Incheon. and what's the best way of getting around the city?

    thank you

  4. I don't like Ddeokbokki, seems u can never finish chewing it. I chew sand chew and chew and eventually just swallow it and its kind of bland in taste. I don't understand why it's so popular. Maybe because its cost efficient

  5. Is there many ethnic Chinese Koreans that live in Incheon?  BTW if you went to Incheon you should have visited this famous place that sells Taiwanese pot oven dumplings

  6. Hey Charlycheer!  I was watching your vid with my grandson and he was so excited to see the huge tubular ice cream cones 8:54.  He says he wants one of those…o_0? …he's 5.  So I told him that I would let you know. 

  7. I was an exchange student back in 2009 in Incheon! Your video has brought back some nostalgia of the area. Songdo was still under heavy construction while I was there, so it's crazy to see it all finished! 🙂 

  8. nice video! I live in Incheon too! I knew that area of Dong Incheon and china town very well cause I live there, but never been to New Incheon before! now after I watch this video I will! thanks for the video and keep doing what you're doing

Travel Korea Like A Local: Incheon Travel

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