Hyperloop – 1000km/hr Ground Travel!

Elon Musk at it again with the Hyperloop. But what exactly is it, how did the idea come about? (It’s actually a little older than you’d think) and what’s the latest progress? Watch and find out!
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  1. Lol let's not put Elon Musk on a pedestal here, he didn't invent this. This idea used to be called the Evacuated Tube Transport. He just popularized it

  2. In this century humanity will be transformed from biological beings with occasional internal and external aids like titanium screws and rods holding us together or a stroller to help us walk, to entities which are cybernetic, that is a combination of biology and enhancing electronics.  Our devices will become truly intelligent, have intuition, be able to feel and predict our behaviors in order to better serve us.  We will move from a species that performs long hours of work to create what we need to a species that interacts at a distance with AI drones, machines and devices to create the world we want to live in and have no 'jobs'.  Humanity will discover how to visit other planets and star systems in short time to explore and profit without leaving the planet, unless a personal presence is needed or more importantly to experience new challenges which lead to new growth.  Humanity will stop mining coal and pumping oil and use a global conglomerate of renewable resources interconnected from the smallest units of electrical power to the largest.  Their will  be no more public education, atmospheric pollution, traffic jams, or disease as we experience it currently.  Instead our enhanced bodies will monitor pathogens the same way personal computers are monitored for viruses and Trojan infections.  There will be no more terrorism as we have it today, because humanity will be monitored and behavior predicted.  There will be new kinds of security concerns however.  No one will pay auto or life insurance and no one will die or be hurt on the roads.  Roads will not be what they are today, dead paths that heavy dangerous manned vehicles travel.  Roads will be synthetic grass which collects sunlight and wind energy and power the AI vehicles floating down them.  Cement parking lots, roads, buildings and the materials that make them up, all the labor to maintain them will be gone.  The world will look more natural with no dead roads or hard parking lots.  There will be no telephone poles, power lines, road signs, or billboards.  Infrastructure will seemingly ,grow, from the ground according to the program being used by nano devices.  Housing will be free and of personal design, not suburbs of a limited pattern.  Hospitals will be greatly reduces in size as many things like transportation, industrial accidents, armed warfare, disappear and bodies heal themselves thanks to nanotechnology combined with biotech and AI.  Your body will heal itself by itself and in quick time.  Armed warfare will become rare giving way to economic completion, less Earth centric attitudes and superstitious beliefs.  Radical elements of society will be confronted with the difficulty of existing in a world where society has progressed beyond them and will not cooperate with their agendas.  Such radical terrorism as we have today and in the future will be opposed by the very systems that make up the future of this century and beyond.  AI transport will not transport subversive people or illegal cargo.  Money won't exist and financing terrorism will be impossible on future systems.  Weapons will only respond to authorized individuals.  Public Education will be free and available to everyone.  There will be no buildings for schools and no employed teachers.  There will be no employee unions.  There will be no jobs.  Does this all sound impossible for you?  Does it sound like the far, far future or fantasy?  it's not, it's this century or at most the end of this century.  The question ultimately  becomes what is a human.  Is a human a stagnant form due form of life constantly trying to maintain a status quo?  Does mankind become extinct because it does not adapt to it's environment or progress to more efficient forms of existence?  Or is a better definition of mankind that species which over time changes to become whatever it can become that is adaptable to almost any environment and thus successfully continues to grow and learn and prosper?  Shall we ignorantly assume that 1000 years from now mankind is the same as it is today?  If we do, then we are hoping in vain because long before that time has ended, mankind will have perished in ignorance and stubborn bliss.  Mankind's society and attitudes after this century will be only slightly as they are now.  Only the most basic moralities will be the same.  It is within this century that mankind experiences the nexus of the past ten thousand years of what we've been and the next ten thousand years of what we'll become.  It is in this century we will collectively succeed and establish a new species of ourselves or corrupt our survival with traditional attitudes that push us over into the tar pit of extinction.

  3. It's not a new idea by multiple levels. It's just a green energy train system and isn't attractive to the public today. Recreating the infrastructure for these kinds of lines is more work for the return when you think about its level of innovation. At this stage in the game, if you are going to solve the public's need for transport AND do it green then you will need to create autonomous hyperloops.

    An autonomous hyperloop needs no track and does not travel on the ground, it's a rocket based system to launch from point A to point B and is NOT meant to be comfortable on lift off but only in flight and landing. There are plenty of innovations which can be done to make it fully green, with rail gun technology you can basically shoot people wherever you want and have guided flying systems to get there and land comfortably. Like rollercoasters with large starting ramps, these true hyperloops can be adjusted to launch like an airplane's G-force (only get up to much higher speeds). This type of flight would be possible with missile guiding systems in place today and would not use up anywhere near the same fuel during fight. This is for mid to long range flight travels.

    For city travel just make the flying pod and for motorcyclists the jet pack and we're good to go. Don't waste time with this level of innovation. Work with what you got until you can truly make an advancement.

  4. this reminds me of the Official German Transrapid but sadly it was too expensive and the image got destroyed because of the crash in 2006 and from 2011 it is now a left place.

  5. If they watch this I suggest to ease people in a confined space consider putting a map that tracks your location on the track and tells you were you are. That would ease minds quite effectively.

    If they have the space maybe consider putting fake windows that show images of the outside that are updated with the time of day. Not a video feed though that would be to fast and sickening to watch

  6. Damn some of ya'll could screw up a wet dream. Planes will never fly, cars will never drive, the a-bomb will blow up the state, the world is flat. All of that was said by morons like the ones that are bitching about how it will never work. I don't have the time nor energy to explain how dumb some of your arguments are. Have you ever in your life just gave people a chance to do some good or do you just randomly go around and sh*t in the middle of peoples party's? I guess that's just your thing huh?

  7. Movement in a vacuum is not possible. Think about it. A vacuum is a negative self imploding pressure, how the hell can anything move in that environment?? An air hockey table is the opposite of a vacuum. Now in a positive pressurised chamber there is potential for easy movement as in the air hockey table example or a hovercraft type vehicle. The only rational way to make this work is with magnetic energy that is frictionless. Think rail gun tech and hang on.

Hyperloop – 1000km/hr Ground Travel!

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